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Get More Accomplished With A Focused Mindset

Your mindset runs your life. If you want to get things done, you need an accomplished mindset.

Are you having a hard time getting motivated in your business? Do you lack an accomplished mindset? You know you want it, but something feels off.

If you are, it could be many different things. It could be that your fear is holding you back, and your ego is trying to keep you safe.

It could be that you’re in the wrong business.

Or it could be that you don’t have the right mindset.

Let’s look at these three things that are making your productivity dry up. Because without being productive, you have no business.

Fear The Soul Sucker

We are all afraid. Some of us like that fear. Those that like that rush thrive on it because it makes them feel alive. Like skydiving. No, thank you. I would never want to do that. The adrenaline rush you may get from it isn’t for me.

But neither does standing in front of a crowd or even do an Instagram live. But I do it. I push myself to do it because how are my clients going to get to know me and want to buy from me? They can’t trust me if they don’t know me, and most people don’t want to buy from someone that doesn’t want to show their face.

Building a clientele takes time. And the fastest way to shorten that time is to show your buyer who you are and what you stand for.

It’s scary. I don’t know why because if people don’t like you, why would you want them to buy from you anyways. If they are going to judge you, don’t you think that they will also judge your product? Of course, they will. And those are probably the clients that you don’t want. They will never be satisfied with your product. And you don’t owe them a thing. You’ve worked hard to produce your product or whatever you are building in your business.

Stepping Into Fear For A Productive Mindset

I’ve recently started to do Instagram lives. I find it easier to get past the fear, and the more that I do, the less the fear will stop me because you know how it goes. You do as many times as it takes to show your ego that you’re going to do it anyway, so it might as well get on board with you.

And I’m not going to lie. By only having the stories last for 24 hours helps.

You have to get good at pushing past your fear until it’s not there anymore. And fear is a good indication that you should do it.

One of the reasons that I became a Scentsy consultant was because I thought it was a good idea to help me master the fear that stands in front of me like a big brick wall. And I love the product as well.

The Wrong Business Chasing You Down

With all the ads and influencers on social media, it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s dream. They can make it look enticing and will sell you on the millions of dollars you can make. And you will be able to do it in your sleep. Perhaps they are correct, but in most cases, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Sometimes we are so desperate to get out of the situation that we are in that we’ll try anything. But if it’s not tugging at your heart, don’t. To have a business that will sustain, you also have to maintain your drive and passion. You will need to gear yourself up for a productive mindset. Otherwise, why do it? Your job pays you. Why not keep your life going with the money you make. Who cares that you don’t enjoy it. If you jump on a business to get you out of that job, you’ll crash and burn.

Your happiness will still be at risk. Building a business is hard. To sustain that business, you have to have your heart in it so that you won’t die out. Passion is what will keep you going and trying and pivoting until you find your energy.

You’ll be trading one hell for another.

Instead, before you jump ship from your paying job, find your happiness in that very job you despise. Sounds impossible. But if you don’t, I believe you’ll be wasting a lot of time, energy, and money, not knowing what you’re heading toward that will sustain your happiness.

Then take an inventory of what excites you and makes your fear. You may be surprised at what comes up. Do a lot of journaling and read personal development books.

Mindset Never Steers You Wrong

If you are not in the right mindset, everything will feel off to you. You’ll feel like your spinning your wheels, and you’ll never get there. You must be in a positive mindset to get a productive mindset.

It has been on my heart ever since I was a little girl that I wanted a business. I never knew what kind of business, but I wanted it to be my own boss, and I wanted to be in charge of me.

I was raised in a bluer than a blue-collar family. My father worked for an electrical company and also helped on my grandfather’s farm. And he worked us, kids, to death picking up rocks and pulling weeds in a field. Yeah. A field. No wonder why I hate having a garden!

My mother also worked outside the home, and she would bring the work home at the end of the month, and we had to help her stuff invoices into envelopes. My childhood taught me how to work for others, not for myself. Although my father was technically an entrepreneur as a farmer, he didn’t see it like that.

Mindset Confirmed

Even when I became a writer and wrote six books, they didn’t think I could make a living. And the stories in my head confirmed what they said. So I quit after six books. I didn’t have the right mindset to keep going and trying.

All that I needed to do was give myself time to get better at writing. And to switch genres and get me into a productive mindset. Here I am a blogger and a true believer that if you want more than you have, it’s your duty to go after it. No one will do it for you.

To do that, you need to have the right mindset that you are worth every dream you’ve had. And you are entitled to go after that dream and give yourself the grace to fail many times. But if you have the calling to create a business, you need to go for it. You owe the world your gifts.

Which of these three are holding you back? Drop a comment below.

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