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How To Crush Your Last Quarterly Goals This Year

Quarterly goals are important in your personal life especially in the last quarter. They will set you up for the next year.
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Why is September the best time of the year to crush your quarterly goals?

September is the time of change. The kids go back to school. The season is in the midst of change. The sports change from baseball to football.

Even the flavors of coffee change to pumpkin spice!

I know that’s a bit of a stretch.

September Goals

The reason you may feel like you should push to accomplish what you have on your to-do list is because of the old stories in your head.

And this time it’s not a bad story.

When you were a child you would feel a sense of urgency to set goals for the new school year. You would try to do better in school and get better grades. You hoped to do more of the afterschool activities. If you were bumped up to a bigger school, you may even have wished to make new friends.

Celebrate The Fall Days

This is the perfect time to take advantage of that old story. Ride out the energy and improve your mindset. Use it to help you to be strong as you plow through to the end of the year.

When the New Year starts you’ll again set new goals but if you set quarterly goals now, you’ll give yourself a head start and will be able to level up for harder goals come January 1.

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Ready, Set, Quarterly Goals

Set some time aside, grab a notebook and a pencil, and find a comfortable chair. This goal setting will be a bit different from the goals you set for your New Year’s resolution goals.

You know that you only have 102 days left of the year. These won’t be goals that will take months. You must be mindful of the time limit.

The goals shouldn’t be easy but challenging. However, don’t set yourself up for failure.

Pick Your Goals

So write down what you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year. You may want to up goals for business, personal goals and home improvement goals (because there is always a to-do list for the home). Write it all down.

Now, remember you only have 4 months to accomplish these. So if it’s to save $100000 that might be a goal that is out of reach for these quarterly goals.

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If you want you can write down the huge goals and then put them on a list for the next year.

Judge The Goals By Preference

As you look at your list, find the one that is most important for you to accomplish in this time frame. Then write down the next most important and so on. You may even want to move some of those goals to the next year.

To make it so you accomplish at least one in each category, it might be best to concentrate on the top 3.  If it’s a huge goal that will take up the rest of the year, you might only settle on one huge goal.

It’s important that you give yourself a quarterly goal that you actually have a chance of accomplishing before the end of the year. Remember this is to show you that if you can crush this goal, you can do more in the next year.

For September, the last quarter of the year, set goals that will set you up for the next year. Click To Tweet

This is to build momentum for yourself so each and every day you can improve your life.

Make Your Top Goals Visible

After you have your goals picked, put them somewhere where you will see them. Daily. This way they won’t be pushed to the backburner. Make it visible so that it will continue to bug you and prompt you to work on it.

Write them on the mirror.

Put them on your screensaver.

Decorate a poster board with them written on it.

Write them down every morning in your journal.

Show your subconscious that you’re serious about these goals. Every day your lizard brain will try and talk you out of working on them. It’ll tell you that it doesn’t matter.

Or that you’ve set impossible goals.

Goal setting is an important way to help you grow and improve your life. Quarterly goals are mini goals to progress you to your bigger goals.
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Be The Adult

But you have to be strong. It’s not about willpower. It’s more about telling your brain that you’re going to do it this time. You’ll have to repeat yourself a lot. But the more you insist the easier your lizard brain will give in. It’ll see that you are determined to do this and that it might as well get on board and help you achieve them.

It sounds crazy but your lizard brain is like a small child. It is a loving, protective child, but a child nonetheless. You need to treat it as such but gently.

Plan Your Next Step

Now that you have your goals and they are visible and you’ve decided that your subconscious is not going to win, you need to plan your next step.

And then the next. You should know a bit about what you need to do to crush the quarterly goals. You may need to learn more along the way but at least have an idea of where to start so that you can begin.

Get going as soon as you can. Don’t just make the goals and then do nothing.

Part of the beauty of goal setting is the satisfaction you get when they are accomplished. This will lead to bigger goals and more confidence to move toward the life that you want.

Get Set Up For A Better Year

Quarterly goal setting should be a common practice in your life. It gives you structure in your life and makes you always strive for more. There will be times when you don’t hit the goal, and sometimes it might be a lesson instead of an accomplishment. But you can’t improve or get better in life and live large without putting in the work. Goals help you to know when and where to put in that work.

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Drop a comment below and share your goals for the last quarter of the year.

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