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Retirement Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

Retirement overwhelm is real when you don't have the life you want. When you dreamed of it for years to live free. Yet things aren't going as planned.
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Do you have retirement overwhelm?

Are you sweating that you won’t be able to retire when you want? That you’ve dreamed of quitting the 9-5 work and making someone else rich? You’ve held on for years that you’d soon be out of the hustle and bustle of a day job. 

Then your car broke down, your oven stopped heating, and your furnace puttered out. 

You feel like you’ll never be ahead enough to live the American dream of retirement.

You’re stuck in retirement overwhelm, and you don’t know how to get out of it.

First, take a breath. Stop the negative thoughts from sending you down the rabbit hole of despair.

You can’t control the circumstances. But you can control how you think about those circumstances.

Change Your Mindset

Take the words, never, should have, and won’t out of your vocabulary. Instead, look for positive words to control your thoughts. It may take a little bit of effort, but I can promise you that bad things do not happen in threes. In fact, those listed are not bad things. They are the stuff that happens. 

You’ve always heard nothing lasts. Instead of looking at it that way, think of if they did. If you never had to replace anything in your life, how would that keep the job market going? How would the business scale? If you had to wait for something to break down, and it never did, how would you get the new technology?

See where I’m going here? It’s kind of like the circle of life only in objects instead of life. But everything has an end date to it. It keeps the world turning.

Tips and tricks for the mindset that will help with retirement overwhelm.
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Even if it feels like the world is against you, your thoughts and feelings will control your outcome. 

For retirement, use the thought it’ll be fine. I will attract all the money I need. 

Look For Opportunities

Opportunities will bring you closer to your goal of retirement. For instance, a part-time job may appear that is perfect for you. A job that will fill you with joy. Maybe even give you an avenue to a whole new career. 

I find that when you retire, you should still be willing to work in the workforce. It keeps you young, and it keeps you current. But it has to be a job that will make your heart sing. Especially if you’re already doing a 9-5 job. This extra job is for you and something that will carry you well into your retirement. This is a job that you can quit at any time if your life circumstances change.

Look for opportunities in your life to combat retirement overwhelm. Opportunities will help you to make your dream come true.
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Sometimes when things are going haywire, it’s hard to find gratitude. It’s much more natural for you to want to shout obscenities to the sky. To be pissed and blame everything around you.

But that won’t get you anywhere. Find the gratitude in the misery. Because that way, things won’t seem so bad and it’ll leave you feeling calmer. Gratefulness is a fantastic tool that tricks the mind into seeing what you do have and not what you don’t. 

And it shows you that it isn’t that bad. Like when my oven decided to stop working, and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one, we decided to live without it for a while. The color of it was being fazed out, and if we bought a stove, we needed a matching fridge. If we have a matching oven and fridge, we’d also need a new dishwasher and microwave. 

The blessing I found in it was that I hate to cook. And I’m not that great at it. I found the gratitude in the fact that I wouldn’t be expected to do so. And if we wanted something that needed to be cooked in the oven, I could order in. And with all the other gadgets out there, we would be able to manage.

Appreciate What You Already Have

Give thanks for what you have right now on this date. Even if you want more, appreciate the fact that you can have it if you wish. Don’t dwell on all the reasons you can’t.

Make a tally of the things you do have. Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot, there is probably more than you do have then you know.

Are you breathing? Then you have life. Are you able to walk? Then you have movable legs. Can you read this blog? Then you have eyes to see this beautiful world.

The things we take for granted are things that other people don’t have. Appreciate them.

Use Your Imagination For Retirement Overwhelm

Your imagination can be so powerful if you use it right. Imagine what you can have. Focus on the things that you want and then imagine them in your life as vividly as you can. You want to have money, imagine how it will feel in your hands. How it feels when you rub your fingers over it. Imagine the smell of it. What it looks like in a stack of $100 bills.

If you need more proof, buy fake money that resembles money and put it where you’ll see it all the time.

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What if you want your house paid off? Imagine how you’ll feel when you make that last payment. Joyful and excited right. And relieved. Imagine writing that last check or in this digital age entering the final payment online.

Imagine what you’ll do when you walk out of your 9-5 for the last time. The tingle you’ll have in your gut. How will you feel when you pack up your desk? When you drive out of the parking lot for the last time. How free you’ll feel.

Or when you wake up the next morning a free agent. How light your heart will be. 

Imagining will attract to you what you want. And use it to dissipate your retirement overwhelm.

I hope this article has helped you. Let me know below how else I can help you.

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