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Recharge Success With A Planner In Your Life

You need to schedule in your day so that you can keep track of all the balls in the air of a writer.

Do you schedule your day with a planner? Do you plan out every minute of the day? Is it working for you?

September is an excellent time to plan out the rest of the year so that when the next year hits, you feel accomplished. And you’re ahead of the game.

But how do you do that? You make a plan.

The World Of Schedule Planners

Every year there are several different planners available to you. You can pay a high price one with all the bells and whistles or a low priced one. But they are all for the same thing, and that is results.

A planner may work for you. Especially if you like to schedule everything. It’s smart to plan everything. It keeps you on top of the game.

But sometimes, no matter how much you schedule your life, it doesn’t work.

Now I’m all for scheduling. We live busy lives, and we are pulled in all different directions. But if you don’t look at the planner or don’t take the time to schedule it, it’s not going to work even if it’s an online scheduler.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

I find if I don’t have a planner in front of me, I’m not going to remember what I had planned unless it’s part of my daily routine. A paper planner, no matter how pretty it is, will not work for me. Neither does a digital one because I wouldn’t say I like to take the time to figure a digital planner out.

But I’m no different from anyone else. My life is full. And to be a writer and have deadlines, I need to plan. Otherwise, things fall through the cracks.

Make It Simple

If you can have a simple process that works, it’ll be a lot easier to stick to. Therefore I find that a dry easer board works best for me. Now I work from home, so that makes it easier to use. I put it in front of me so that I always have it as a reminder.

I schedule what I want and need to do each day of the week on the board. Some may color code everything, but that is too complicated for me.

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Digital Reminders

If you are not at home but at a nine to five job, you may try the digital version. It’ll take some effort on your part, but you could set pop up reminders on your phone. I used to do this when I worked at the office. I also carried with me a small notebook to remind me. But I have to be honest when I was busy; I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I could have.

But pick a scheduler that works well for you. If that doesn’t work, try the notebook and paper in your purse. You can always have a notebook in front of you at your desk, so you don’t forget.

Schedule For The Week

Take Sunday night and plan out what you have ahead of you for the week. It’ll free up brain space. And make sure you schedule all the non-negotiables first.

Your writing should be one of those non-negotiables.

Then split up your remaining tasks for the week. Be careful not to overbook yourself, or you’ll fail in your time management. Keep in mind how you feel every week. Are you like me and are tired by the end of the week? Then give yourself a break and don’t schedule as heavy at the end of the week. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you exhaust yourself, you’re going to burn out, and it won’t get done anyway.

Also, on the weekends, when you think you’re going to have so much time to accomplish tasks, lighten up slightly. It would be best if you also had a rest and a little bit of fun.

I know it’s hard when there is such little time, yet the creative ideas in your heard run so fast. Your dreams are dying to come to fruition, but you have to be patient. Keep moving forward one step at a time, and you’ll succeed.

Don't let your thoughts cause you to fail.

Managing The Brain

The number one thing that’ll make you fail is your thoughts and your mindset. I know you’ve heard this a million times. And if you’re following this blog, you’ve read it here several times. But it’s true. Your brain can shut down your dreams faster than it takes to make the plan for the week.

It wants to keep you safe. And what is safer than never putting yourself out there. It tries to keep you small because even though it makes us unhappy, it can’t harm us. And each time you choose to step forward with your dream of writing, you’re going to have to give up something. Your lizard brain doesn’t like that.

But you can get it on board by ignoring the warnings and taking the attitude that mistakes and failures won’t stop you. Eventually, your brain will follow. And then, you can tackle the next challenge to your mindset.

Success comes with a cost. A cost of managing your brain, and continue to reveal in failure. But it’s hard. I wouldn’t say I like to fail. It still holds me back. I don’t want to give the wrong advice. But I know that when I try to keep it real and inspire others to try, it makes me a valuable resource.

It is better to try to make your passion a successful priority than to set back and watch other people live your dream. They deserve their success, and you do too.

How do you plan out your week? Do you use paper or a digital planner? Are you committed to failing so that you can succeed? Drop a comment below. And if you would like more support from me, fill out the form below, and when I have coaching spots open up, I’ll be in touch.

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