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St. Patty’s Day Card

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St. Patricks Day is a fun holiday. And a fun holiday to make a card.

Cricut Cardstock

St. Patty's Day card made with Cricut Explore, Design Space, and cardstock.
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I again used the Cricut cardstock like I did in my all occasion card. The green cardstock came from the Cricut holiday sampler pack.

As in my previous card, I explained that their cardstock comes in the 12X12 size and had to be cut down to a standard card size.

Cricut green cardstock from the holiday sampler pack.
Cricut Green Cardstock

Then I used a strip of a think white ribbon and glued it to the top and bottom of the card a little off centered from the middle.

White ribbon on the green cardstock from Cricut.
White Ribbon On The Green Cardstock

Homemade St. Patty’s Day Stamp

Since St Patrick’s Day stamps are hard to find, I searched Cricut design space to for the salutation. There were several different options but I wanted something a bit simpler.

Once I had it uploaded in design space, I changed it from the cut option to the draw option. I love the fact that you can do these images by drawing them instead. There are a variety of different Cricut pens to use and the image turns out nice and crisp as if you did it by hand.

I used the Cricut green gel pen and a sheet of Core’dination cardstock.

Cricut image that was drawn with the Cricut gel pen instead of the cut option.
Image from Cricut Design Space And Drawn With Cricut Pen

It took a few tries to get the perfect size of the design. Cricut allows their user to make it any size. The cardstock was then cut to size.

The cut to size paper was centered between the two white ribbons.

St. Patrick's Day card with the Cricut image as the center piece.
St. Patty’s Day Card.

Cricut Images

For the shamrocks, I again turned to Design Space. I couldn’t find the perfect standalone shamrock but they had a unicorn with the shamrocks.

Cricut Design Space unicorn image that can be customized for your projects.
Unicorn Cricut Image In Design Space

After uploading it into Design Space, I was able to delete everything but the shamrocks. Another plus to Cricut Design Space.

The unicorn was removed to leave only the shamrocks to be cut out.
Unicorn Image With Only The Shamrocks

Using the Cricut Explore Air, the shamrocks were cut on the Cricut pearl cardstock. Unfortunately Cricut has decided to discontinue this paper. It’s such a shame because the paper is shiny and I liked it.

The Cricut Explore Air was used to cut out the shamrocks.
Shamrocks That Were Cut Using The Cricut Explore Air

The large shamrock was glued to the top left corner. The two smaller shamrocks were glued to the bottom ribbon on each side of the salutation.

St. Patty's Day card.
St. Patrick’s Day Card.

Between Cricut’s design space and cardstock, I have a festive St Patty’s Day card.

Do make St Patrick ’s Day cards? Drop a comment below and let me know

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