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How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Mother

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In this post I’m going to show the reason why the Bond with our mothers can be so complicated, yet necessary.

Then I will leave you with a tutorial to make your mother a Mother’s Day card.

A mother’s relationship with their child is complicated. Especially as you become an adult. More than likely your mother raised you like she had been raised.

My mother had two parents but she never shared a solid bond with her mother. And her father was quiet, yet angry. At least that is how I remember him. I saw him smile once. It must have been hard for her.

From the way she tells it, her mother left her alone frequently.

Funny. She did the same thing to me. But not until I was a teenager. I can’t fault her much because she had just conquered cancer and deserved a break. Still she left me to take care of my father and the house. I made the meals for my father and brothers, I did the laundry, I cleaned the house and I went to school.

No matter what your relationship is with your mother at this moment, it is very important to build a better bond with her.
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It wasn’t until later that I realized she was doing what she had been taught as a young child. And the relationship between her and my father was rocky. Very rocky.

She did the best she could

In spite of it all, I have enormous respect for my mom. She had a rough life and she did take care of me when she was mentally able to. My father didn’t believe in giving us children material things. He wanted us to work for them. So she worked and bought our school supplies and clothes and our birthday presents with her own money.

I didn’t blame my mother for leaving me to taking care of her family. Maybe that is odd but I wanted to please her. To make her happy. To see her smile and laugh. And we did share some awesome times together in spite of our nonfunctional home life.

That is my story, yours might be different

If you have a wonderful relationship with your mother than this soul talk isn’t for you. Scroll down and get the tutorial of the Mother’s Day card below.

But if you are struggling with your relationship with your mother, let me tell you why it is important and why it became important to me.

Try to understand that if you have a terrible relationship with your mom, she learned from her mother. Build a better bond. Click To Tweet

Unfortunately as much as I appreciated my mother, the understanding of where she was coming from with her criticism and sometimes not so nice words, the light bulb didn’t go off until she had passed away.

I hope this comes to you while you can still show your mother appreciation. If not then it’s still not too late. Seeing what made your mother tick will heal your heart so you can be grateful for the mother you were given.

She meant well

Sometimes it’s the best that they can do. My mother gave me so much more than the arguments and the harsh words. She taught me how to love even if she didn’t know how to show her love.

It’s so easy to blame everyone else, especially your parents for your actions. But if you are a grown adult you are in charge of your life. If you don’t like how you were raised, change it.

There is nothing written in stone that you need to do what your mother said even if you were brought up that way. You don’t have to rub it in her face. Just do it your way and thank her for her concern but you got this.

She taught me strength

My father was not the ideal man for her. I always thought that they should have never gotten married. I don’t remember many good times together. But she was tough. She took a lot from my father. She conquered cancer. She took care of her father even when he didn’t give her much reason to want to.

Think of what your mother has gone through. I’m sure there is something that you can see that when you really think about, she was a bad ass. Is there something that you can draw strength from? Is there something that you can learn from?

She taught me that it wasn’t always all about me.

My mother became deathly ill right before we were to leave on a short trip. I was so upset and frankly was the biggest brat. But when my father left me to take care of her and she puked over and over again, while she continually apologized to me, I realized this was my time to step up and take care of her. When we finally talked her into going to the hospital, they found the cancer. If not for that she would have died.

Sometimes you have to realize that she isn’t saying or doing things to piss you off. She really does have your best interest at heart. Her opinions are slivers of advice that if you listen just might be nuggets of wisdom you need. And if you don’t what do you have to lose? You can still ignore every bit of it.

I am grateful for her bringing me into this world

The main thing she gave me was life. If not, I would not have my children that bless me and hurt me and love me. I have been given the chance to correct what I believed she got wrong. And make my own wrongs with my children.

Without here I wouldn’t have any of that.

So if there is nothing that you can think of that will repair the relationship with your mom, at least give her credit where credit is due. She brought you here. She gave you life and even if someone else raised you, they gave you life. They took care of you until you could take care of yourself.

Gratitude is key.

I’m a firm believer in this. I am so thankful for my parents because they made this complicated mess that I work on every day.

What can you be grateful for what your mom gave you?

That is your soul talk for today. I hope it leaves you with a better feeling and a drive to show your appreciation to your mom.

Now for the soul craft:

Mother’s Day Card

DIY Mother's Day Card.
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For The base of the card, I used a bright yellow.

I use this bright yellow cardstock for the base of the card.
Bright Cardstock For Base Of Card

The Happy Mother’s Day with the rose came from Cricut Design Space and I changed the setting from cut to draw like I did in my last card.

This is from Cricut Design Space. So easy to use as a homemade stamp.
From Cricut Design Space

I used a Cricut red pen and drew it out on a vanilla piece of paper. It was then cut out with a label die from Sizzix. 

The Sizzix Die was used to cut it out.
Sizzix Die

On the top of the card and in the center I placed attached the Happy Mother’s Day label.

Cut out die on the card.

Using a wide green polka dot ribbon, I glued this just off the center of the card.

The green polka dot ribbon was attached a little off center in the middle of the card.
Wide Green Polka Dot Ribbon

Target had felt shape flowers by their craft isle and I glued this on top of the ribbon in the center.

Felt flower from Target.
Felt Flower

A white paper flower was placed on top. I did not make these but had purchased them from JoAnn’s.

Paper flower was attached on top of felt flower.
Paper Flower

The set of paper flowers came in the sizes of big, medium and small. I placed two of the small flowers in the bottom corners of the card.

The card was decorated with even more perfect flowers.
More Paper Flowers

Then to finish the card off, I put red gems in the corners and a large one under the Happy Mother’s Day.

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Will you build a better bond with your Mom? Or have you already? Drop a comment below to let me know?

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