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Paper flowers are easy to make and use as a decoration for your homemade projects. If the right paper is used to create them, it is a much easier task. With so many options out there, I used my  Cricut Explore Air 3 to test them.

These three brands are:


This brand I bought at Joann Fabrics. The have awesome sales for this brand often. The sell a packet of 50 sheets with 5 different colors. The colors are in my opinion the best. 

However, the paper is thin and when cutting it with the Cricut Explore 3 it rips and gets caught in the knife. I have sharpened the blade and even changed it and it didn’t matter. I also tried changing the settings on my machine and that didn’t work either. I was able to get a few flowers cut out, but I wasted more paper than produced flowers.

Because the paper is so thin, this paper is good when you use the Cuttlebug and dies for card making.


This paper fared a little better than the Core’dinations. I did have a few problems with the paper ripping or getting caught but only a few times. Sales on this paper are also plentiful. There are 50 sheets in 5 different colors. It is a little thicker and the flowers roll easier.

What I didn’t like about this paper is I don’t think the color selection is as good as the Core’dinations color choices. I also have only been able to find the Recollections brand at Michaels which is not in my area. It can be purchased online but I find it easier to actually see the color of the paper before buying


This of course works the best with the machine that Cricut makes. The paper is very high quality. I have had no issues cutting the paper and rolling the flowers are very easy. The paper doesn’t tear or break. The size of the sheets are also bigger. 12×12 vs 8.5×11.

The sales are not as cheap as the other two cardstock but it can be purchased at the Cricut website, craft stores and Walmart. The colors are great but more expensive and doesn’t have as many choices as Core’dinations. The packets have 24 sheets with 4 colors.

All in all these brands can all be used for your flower making crafts, but Cricut is the best. It all depends on how much you want to spend, the colors you are looking for, and your frustration level. 

I hope this helps you to pick the best paper for your homemade paper flowers. If you have tried any of these brands or have a better recommendation, please drop a comment below.

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