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At the beginning of the year a lot of us turn to goal setting. Although you can make goals anytime of the year, a new year always promotes us to make this year the best year. But after you make your personal goal list, what do you do with it?

This year I decided to make it more of a fun thing by unleashing my creative juices.

I show you a different way to craft your life goals to motivate and inspire you this year.
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I borrowed the idea of 19 goals for 2019 from the podcast Happier With Gretchen Rubin. The idea is you come up with nineteen goals you want to accomplish in a year. She also suggest that you make your list to include easy attainable goals but that are also fun goals. After all if you make the goals too daunting, you won’t have the desire to accomplish them. So mix up your personal goals with dancing lessons and cleaning out the garage.

My first goal was to mold this goal setting exercise to fit me.

To keep the list front and center and taunting me, I used an 8X10 frame I bought at Walmart.

8X10 Frame From Walmart

I disassembled it and took a sheet of polka dot cardstock I had bought from JoAnn’s and cut it to fit the frame.

Paper cutter and card stock.
Paper Cutter and Polka Dot Cardstock

Then I put the frame back together using the polka dot cardstock as the backing. Of course any pattern of cardstock can be used, even a solid color. It’s whatever fits your fancy.

Frame With The Polka Dot Cardstock

My personal goal setting example

Cricut removable adhesive vinyl is my new friend. Especially the pattern sheets. This sheet is from the Christmas pattern although this sample is not much like Christmas.

Cricut pattern adhesive vinyl.
Cricut Christmas Patterns Adhesive Vinyl

In design space I picked a font and used the Explore Air to cut out the phrase 19 goals for 2019. Access has so many fonts that are included with the monthly membership. Because it was so easy to pull off and manually put on the glass of the frame, I didn’t worry about using transfer tape. Since the vinyl is removable I can use a different design for my personal 2020 goals.

I wanted the goals to be visible so I took a wide mouth 16oz mason jar and glued it on to the frame in the bottom right hand corner. You want the wide mouth so you can reach your hand into the jar. If you don’t want to glue the jar onto the frame because you might want to use the frame again, you can also just set the jar in front of the frame.

Next goal setting process

To make it even more festive, I took the same polka dot cardstock and cut it into nineteen thin strips. The strips have to be wide enough to write your goals onto the paper. Or if you wish you could use a Word document and type out the goals and cut the paper into strips. I have heard that writing your goals down on paper makes the goal more visible in your mind so you complete the goal you set. Still, it’s up to you which way you would like to do it.

Strips of polka dot cardstock with my 2019 goals written on them. Pick one goal at time and conquer them.
16oz Mason Jar Filled With My Goals On Polka Dot Cardstock

The frame still seemed a little blah for me so I took a navy blue ribbon and glued it diagonally on the top right of the frame. The same was done on the bottom left of the frame. And since I love my rolled paper flowers, I attached two roses to the top ribbon and two roses to the bottom ribbon. To attach them I used my hot glue gun. (If you wonder what is the best paper to use to make the paper flowers using the Cricut Explore you can read my review here.)

Paper Roses On Navy Ribbon

The first day of the New Year, grab a random goal out of the jar and set to accomplishing it. Once you have that one conquer, pick out a new one. By random picking a goal, you won’t have time to contemplate where to start. Often when we aren’t sure where to start, we never get started. Also you may get an easy one or it may be one of the harder ones. It makes the boring list more interesting and hopefully will help you to blast out the goal faster to see what the next one you pick will be.

A crafty way to do your goals for the New Year that also makes your goal setting fun.
A Fun Way To Do Your New Years Goals.

Does this type of personal goal setting interest you? Will you try it? I’d like to invite you to posting your goal setting project on my FB page.

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