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The Third Act Of Life Is The Best Act

The third act of life should be the best years of your life to live out all the dreams you put on hold. Use the 5 steps to help you get started.
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We can’t call a do-over and go back in time. All you have is a limited amount of time while you’re alive and kicking. And nobody can give you a number of days that you will be healthy and vibrant. You could be gone tomorrow, or you could be around for another 40 years. 

Don’t Let Your Remaining Days Be Stagnant

When you’re younger you don’t think about time. Who wants to think about death? Then you wake up one day and you realize you’ve hit the mid mark of life. Now it’s important, isn’t it?

You have plenty of life to live yet

The Circle Of Life

In your first act as a child, there is a lot to learn and experience. Younger children are more daring because they don’t know any better. Their peers shape their lives and their parents try to mold them into what they think is best. This can taint your thinking. Shut down your dare to dream and act upon it.

In your 20’s through your 30’s, you are more likely to be working or have picked a career. You may have married and had a family. This means you now need some sort of income to support the family and the lifestyle you have acquired.

But as you raced toward the age of 40 and 50 you may have decided that you want to make some changes in life. You now want to pursue those nagging dreams that you’ve thought of off and on but put aside for family obligations.

So what do you do?

That depends. 

How far are you stretched because of this also the sandwich stage of your life?

You could still have children home and could be taking care of your parents as well.  

Enter the third act of life when time speeds up and you either stay where you are or you decide you must change.

But how?

Life needs to be celebrated even if you are in the third act of life. If you stop living, life will stop too.

You will never be too old. Life is meant to be lived.

Steps To Decide Your Next Move

         Step One: Decide Where You Want To Be

If you could do this all over again, what would you do? No judgment and no regrets. This exercise is not a mental beat down. Instead, it should get you to a place of hope.

Do a brain dump and write it all down. Circle the top 5 that you could have now if you wanted them with a little bit of extra work.

         Step Two: Take a Serious Look at Where You Are Right Now

Now write down everything you have that you wouldn’t change for the world. This is often your children, your marriage and your friendships. Circle the top five things that are most important to you.

         Step Three: Make a List of All Your Trials in Life So Far

Write down all the problems you had in life. This could be a bit painful but write it down anyway. Cleanse your soul. Get it all out. Now take a look at that list and study it. Decide that this has been your journey in life and these things have happened for you, not to you. Cleanse out all negativity.

Step Four: Bring It All Together

Now it’s time to look at the first list of where you want to be and the circled items and judge them against where you have already been. Are there things that overlap? Or are similar and at the time for whatever reasons you got off track?

Age is just a number. Don't let that number tell you what you can and can't do. Always reach for your dreams. In five steps you can narrow the dream down that means the most to you.
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Narrow down the top five on the first list to the top two. These are things that if you really want them you are willing to put in the work to make them happen no matter how long they may take. Now judge this list from the trials in your life. Are they any harder than what you have already been through?

The trials are the things that have prepared you for your top two.

Step Five: Narrow it down to one

Now that you have it down to two dreams, which one of the two is the one that puts the most fire in you. You know this is going to be super hard and maybe you don’t have the strength for it, but you want it. This is the one you go for.

You know this will be the one that will enrich your life. And you won’t be done because after this you’ll do it again. You’ll go for number two but for now, concentrate on one and go all in. This is what will make you feel like you won’t be stagnant but will be living.

Keep it Going All Through Your Third Act Of Life

After you have accomplished the one on your wishlist, start with another one. Then another. Keep going, living and dreaming. That is what you are here for. What do you have to lose?

There will be times when we love our life and there will be times when we don’t. The most important thing to realize is what you want out of life. Then go for it.  

Don’t let this time go to waste. The third act is part of your life that is more important than anything. And it is yours for the taking.

Drop a comment below to share what you are doing in your third act of life.

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