DIY for a Winter paper rolled flower wreath to spruce up your home.
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Flowers can be hard to come by in the dead of winter. You can buy cut bouquets in the store, or you could make rolled paper flowers instead. The best part about this type of flower is you can pick any color scheme you want. No waiting for the flowers to be in season. And no wilting.

It is a time consuming project between cutting the flowers out using the Cricut Explore and rolling them but I find it kind of a lethargic task. All you need is a Netflix binge or a good engaging movie to make the time fly.

I promise the end results will be satisfying.

Plus it’s a great way to use up all your extra paper. If you’re like me, you have excessive stacks of paper.

I used mostly my Core’dination packs but I also had a few colors of paper from StampinUp! that I also used.

I purchased the wreath ring from the Dollar Store.

Wreath From Dollar Store
Wreath From Dollar Store

Cricut Templates

I found the Cricut template for the rolled flowers on Cricut Design Space. There are several different templates there so just pick the ones that you would like to use. My Access membership allowed me several free templates. You are also able to size the flowers to what size you desire. But don’t get too caught up in that. Try a few different flower templates and sizes and see what catches your fancy.

I picked six different templates but I am partial to roses so most of the flowers are roses on my wreath. I used white and different color of blues.

Paper flowers in white and blues.
Paper Flowers In White And Blues

Rolled Paper Flowers

Cricut Rolled Flower Template.
Cricut Rolled Flower Template

Some people use a quill to roll their flowers. I just use my fingers. I start at the outside end and roll the paper around.

Start of the paper flower.
Start Of The Rolled Paper Flower

Once you get to the end, there will be a flat circle.

Flat end to glue to bottom of flower.
Flat End To Glue To Bottom Of Flower

Use a hot glue gun and put a glob of glue on the inside round end and press to the rolled flower bottom to seal the rolled flower.

Where the glue will go to glue it to the wreath.
Bottom Of Flower

Once rolled and sealed you can bend and manipulate the flower the way you want it to make it resemble a flower.

Wreath Craft

Start anywhere you want on the circle wreath and hot glue the Cricut rolled flowers to the ring.

Start of the wreath.
Start Of The Wreath

Continue to do so by pressing the paper rolled flowers to the ring keeping the flowers close together.

Flowers glued to wreath.
Flowers Hot Glued To Wreath

When you have the ring filled with the paper flowers, you can decide how you would like to decorate it.

Finished rolled paper wreath.
Finished Wreath

More Paper Flower Options

Siizzix Flower Layers With Heart Petals Die.
Sizzix Flower Layers With Heart Petals Die

Sizzix makes a wonderful die called Flower layers With Heart Petals that I used to cut out the flower layers to give the flower a 3D effect. I had purchased this die a while back from and decided to use it for this project. I had a sheet of snow speckled blue paper I used for some of the layers. I also used a piece of deep navy paper for some of the layers. Then I staggered the colors. The flowers were attached to the wreath with floral pins. The white head of the pin gives the flower a nice center.

StampinUp! Layered Seasons Snowflake Die and Fiskars snowflakes.
StampinUp! Layered Seasons Snowflake Die and Fiskars Snowflakes.

Again I used the same StampinUp! Snowflake dies I used on the snowman hat and Mr Snowman. This snowflake is from the Layered Seasons die collection.  I used a white and light blue colored paper. Then I used my snowflake punch and the same colored paper and punched out some little snowflakes.

These were hot glued to the wreath between the layered flowers.

This winter paper flower wreath will keep until spring arrives and the real flowers start to pop out of the ground. Yet it will never lose its fresh look.

What kind of wreath will you be making?

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