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Faith is important in life. Strong faith will help you through all the twist and turns of life. Hope helps you to hold on when things are going south. Unity of friends and family to lean on ties it all together. I hope you have blessing and favor showering down on you each and every day.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your life and happiness via my blog or books.


The Dangers of Money To Your Faith

As humans, we are wired to crave the things that we don’t have like cars, houses, and jobs. We use status to fit in and to prove to everyone, including ourselves that we are like everyone else. But are we? Or are we knee-deep in debt and scrambling to keep our heads above water? Do … Read the rest

How God Can Help You In Your Decision Making

Decision making can be difficult when it affects your life and the life of others. You don’t want to make a mistake, but you’re at a loss as to which way to go. God has a path for you. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could talk to God and ask him what his plans … Read the rest

Why Did God Let This Happen?

Bad things happen to us all the time. There is no stopping it. Every day the news proves that to us. There is no understanding why some events happen. We see shootings and people killing each other. Hate is everywhere. It has almost become to be expected, and I find that so sad. But life … Read the rest

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