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Creativity has always been what has fueled my soul. I use it in many avenues with my fictional family drama books and my craft ideas. I hope to give you valuable ideas on how you too can make things to give to others or keep for yourself. I promise you there will be times when you make something to give away and you’ll want to keep it for yourself instead.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your life and happiness via my blog, crafts, or books.


How to Manage Your Feelings of Jealousy

In today’s soul talk I’m going to address feelings of jealousy and ways we can manage them. And for the soul craft, I have a card I made for the new mother or the mother to be. Soul Talk Manage Your Jealous Feelings I think we all have feelings of jealousy in our lives. You … Read the rest

The Negative Impact of Words

In this soul talk we are going to discuss the negative impact of words. Just one negative word can change your mood from positive to negative. Then we will discuss ways that we can change our perspective from negative to positive. Then for the soul craft I have a Dance in the Rain card how … Read the rest

Tips To Ease The Empty Nest Syndrome

The Empty Nest Syndrome is real and I wanted to address it in this weeks Soul Talk and how to over come it. Then with the Soul Craft, I show another Mother’s Day Card I made. You can find the card below. As a mother you have devoted so much time to your children. They … Read the rest

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