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Creativity has always been what has fueled my soul. I use it in many avenues with my fictional family drama books and my craft ideas. I hope to give you valuable ideas on how you too can make things to give to others or keep for yourself. I promise you there will be times when you make something to give away and you’ll want to keep it for yourself instead.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your life and happiness via my blog, crafts, or books.


Easy Cheap Thanksgiving Table Decorations

This post contains affiliate links that if purchased from, I will earn a small commission. It’s the week before Thanksgiving and you have your feast all planned out. You purchased the food and supplies, but then you realize that you have nothing for a centerpiece for the table. And you have no time to find … Read the rest

Fall Burlap Wreath In Three Easy Steps

I love the holidays and I don’t mind that they start before Halloween. I know it drives other people crazy, but I was never one for dressing up in a costume. So when it turns November 1st, my holiday cheer turns on. Perhaps I’m may be dating myself here, but do you remember when the … Read the rest

The Best Craft Cutting Machine

This post uses affiliated links that if purchased from, I’ll earn a small commission. I thank you in advance. If you’re worried about spending the money to buy a Cricut Explore, let me show you how it can save you money instead. Not only are Cricut supplies and machines frequently on sale, they also have … Read the rest

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