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Faith is important in life. Strong faith will help you through all the twist and turns of life. Hope helps you to hold on when things are going south. Unity of friends and family to lean on ties it all together. I hope you have blessing and favor showering down on you each and every day.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your life and happiness via my blog or books.


Getting What You Want God’s Way

You pray. You praise. You ask. You beg. And nothing. You see others have what they ask for. You hear about other’s blessings, and you can’t help to wonder what you did wrong. But don’t despair. Instead be patient and stop to look for the blessings you already have in your life. Even through a … Read the rest

Avoid The Buyer Remorse Aggravation

Remember when we were excited about the prospect of skipping through the ads we’d see on TV? The invention of DVR’s was genius. We didn’t have to have those annoying commercials to aggravate us anymore. Then came social media. Our feeds became littered with ads. And clever ones at that. The cause us to click … Read the rest

Is There A Magic Pill For Happiness?

Everyone is seeking the magic pill for happiness. But a lot of times it feels like it eludes us. Like a cat chasing its tail and it never catches it. But It doesn’t have to be an illusion. We have to be smarter about it by finding our happiness and not what others have. Find … Read the rest

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