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Family is important but with family comes conflict. Add falling in love in the mix, and you get a wonderful explosion for a good story. My sweet contemporary romance books center around love and family in a small town where everyone knows your secrets.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your life and happiness via my blog or books.


Why You Should Write A Story With Purpose

Every story we write should have purpose. It helps to make the story flow and hook the reader. We as a writer tend to focus on the characters of the story and try to introduce the character so the reader can visualize them. We give the characters hair color and eye color and show how … Read the rest

What Is All The Hype About Purpose

When you are thinking about going into a business, you constantly hear about working on your passion and purpose. Business that thrives often start with one person’s purpose. And passion and purpose more than likely go hand in hand. So what is purpose and why do we need it to be successful? The dictionary describes … Read the rest

How Card Crafting Helped My Writing

  When a card is hand-made it resembles in a lot of ways how a story is crafted. They both have stages that build upon each other and work together to make a satisfying finished product. The card starts with a base. This is the piece of paper that will fold open to the inside … Read the rest

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