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You are free to take a look around. I am a huge supporter of mindset. You’ll see that reflected in my blog. It has evolved from a craft blog to a mindset blog to now a blog to help writers that have a hard time finishing their manuscript. Or even getting started.

My intent is to give you valuable information to help you to put to use and try to finish your book. I hope to get you in the right mindset. Writing takes a special mindset to keep yourself in check. And if you add a few tricks to get your butt in that chair to write, you’ll have success.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your business and your life via my blog, freebies, or books.


P.S. If you need to have more accountability because you don’t have the support in your circle, let me help you. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.


How To Infuse Your Dream Into Reality

You want to build your dream book into reality, but it’s giving you troubles. What is it? Is doubt have your paralyzed stunting your start? You read how-to books, but nothing is working for you. I understand. There is so much information out there. One tells you to do it this way and another a … Read the rest

Recharge Success With A Planner In Your Life

Do you schedule your day with a planner? Do you plan out every minute of the day? Is it working for you? September is an excellent time to plan out the rest of the year so that when the next year hits, you feel accomplished. And you’re ahead of the game. But how do you … Read the rest

Tackle The Last Quater Of The Year

As I write this blog, it’s the last quarter of the year. Does it give you the final push to recement the goals that you have set for this year? January is the time of year that people set the goals they want to accomplish. Sometimes they pick a word to represent what the year … Read the rest

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