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You are free to take a look around. I am a huge supporter of mindset. You’ll see that reflected in my blog. It has evolved from a craft blog to a mindset blog to now a blog to help with email marketing and sales funnels.

My intent is to give you valuable information to build your list to become an email marketing expert and to teach you how to use a sales funnel that will take your business to the next level.

As you explore my website, I hope you take away something useful to enhance your business and your life via my blog, freebies, or books.


P.S. If you find that all the tech issues with your email service provider or creating a sales funnel strategy stop you in your tracks, I’d be happy to help you. Feel free to contact me at for a discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

Be sure you grab my freebie below. It’s a brainstorm workbook that will help you figure out what to create for your own freebie to start building your list.

Brainstorm Freebie

How To Produce Your Book Faster And Better

Writers write. But how they write doesn’t have to be the same in every writer. There are different ways of getting your word count in. Some dictate it. Some write it on paper first. And other writers use a program like Scrivener. The only way to write a book is to write. But if time … Read the rest

This Will Help You Write Your First Book Easily

Have you decided that you’re going to a book? You’ve always dreamed of doing it, and today you’re going to do it. You think the writing process is to sit down at the computer, open up a word document, and the cursor blinks, but no words come? You have no idea how to start. As … Read the rest

Make A Successful Business With This Number 1 Tool

Business tools. As a business owner or someone dreaming about owning an online business, we know there are tools. But we also, if starting, don’t have a ton of money to get those tools. And frankly, it is all a little bit confusing. But the number one tool everyone needs no matter what the business … Read the rest

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